The Usui System of Reiki Healing

We teach the traditional Usui Shiki Rhyoho in three levels. No other requirement or experience necessary. Reiki is easy and natural and anyone can learn.

To learn Reiki, it is not necessary to have any previous training or instruction in any area of ​​health or natural healing methods. You only need your will and your determination to practice. The workshops are fun, very casual, and beneficial to people of all ages and backgrounds. The classes are limited in size and required pre-registration to attend. All our classes include lots of hand-on practice and certificate.
We send an email confirmation with the completion of registration with directions and other information to the class.
There are three levels of traditional Usui Reiki.

Reiki Level 1:  $85

In this level, the Reiki teacher provides instruction in the general Reiki practice. This level focuses on the introduction of the student to the foundations of Reiki, its history, and energy management. Also, students learn the Reiki session and the hand positions during a Reiki session for oneself and others.  The course includes support material, practice, initiation, and certificate. Students receive the corresponding certificate at the end of the class.

Reiki Level 2:  $95

The Reiki level 2 course teaches students the Reiki symbols and their use in personal treatments and others. The teacher introduces the concepts of time and distance. Reiki class level 2 teaches the student techniques of distance healing. This course is required to have completed level 1. Our classes are open to any student who has completed level 1 with other teachers, bring a copy of your certificate to the class.

Reiki Level 3:  $185

This class is the advanced training for the Reiki Master level. This course requires to have completed levels 1 and 2. The focus is for the students to learn everything necessary to teach Reiki. Students learn the master symbols meaning and uses. Also, the Reiki Master level includes a step by step instruction on how to do an attunement. Level 3 attunement is a beautiful experience and recommended even if the student has no desire ever actually to teach Reiki to others.

The course includes support material, practice, initiation to level 3, and certificate. The student Students receive the corresponding certificate at the end of the class.

Every weekend we have students from all around the country and the world coming to our courses and having great success stories. Visit our testimonials  learn more how you can utilize this wonderful healing technique.

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